Weigh anchor me hearties!

Still nah ready t' raise yer Jolly Roger 'n earn some doubloons?

Do nah worry! Our mateys are here t' help.

What do I need to start collecting Skullys?

You will three things: a computer, a digital wallet, and some Ether or PO8 tokens.
Once You have those three things, go ahead and install Metamask on your computer’s web browser. Highly recommend Chrome or Firefox for best user experience and performance.

What is Metamask?

A digital wallet where You store your ETH and other ERC-20 tokens. It works similar to a bank account. You will need a password to unlock your account before any transaction. Please keep your password and seed words in a safe place at all times.

What type of digital wallet is compatible with Skullys?

Any wallet that supporting Non Fungible Tokens like the ERC 721 and 1155 standard tokens. Try Cipher, Enjin, Coinbase or Trust wallets. They all welcome your Skullys.

Can I purchase a Skully using my phone or pad?

Absolutely. As long as your digital wallet is supported on your mobile devices, it should be no problem.

Can I login from multiple computers, tablets or smartphones?

Yes, make sure your digital wallet is installed on all your devices.

What is Ether?

Ether is the cryptocurrency powering the Ethereum blockchain. It is currently traded in the open market, so the value is always fluctuating. You will need to convert Your fiat currency (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, etc.) into Ether to purchase Skullys and all booster accessories. Ether may be available for purchase within Your digital wallet or You can purchase at major secondary exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, OKCoin, Kucoin and many more. You need Ether to purchase Skullys and all of its booster accessories. You cannot use fiat currencies.

What is PO8?

PO8 is our native cryptocurrency. When You start playing our game, all rewards are paid in PO8 tokens, which are redeemable to purchase additional booster accessories to help You earn even more. Or You can store Your PO8 tokens in Your Skully smart contract, adding more value to Your Skully. The PO8 token has plans to be listed on secondary exchanges, which will create more liquidity opportunities for our token.